Akram Khan’s Chotto Desh, at the New Victory Theater

What a great review! And it looks like it was a fun time! If I lived in New York I would definitely go! -OM
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My Strange Family

Chotto Desh, Akram Khan Company’s first piece of dance theater for family audiences, makes its New York Premiere at The New Victory Theater from November 4-13, 2016. I took my six year old son to see Chotto Desh, this past weekend and he really enjoyed the experience. The story was easy for my son to follow, through the narrative, music and dance. The length was also perfect for a young child’s attention span, with a 55 minute running time, and no intermission.


My son especially liked the interactive animation section where the Grandmother’s fable of The Honey Hunter, comes to life on a bewitching adventure. This modern day fairy tale reveals what can happen when someone interferes with nature’s rhythm. It teaches children to respect and appreciate the environment.

the-honey-hunter-photo-credit-richard-haughton “Photo courtesy of The New Victory Theater, credit: Richard Haughton”

Chotto Desh, meaning ‘small homeland’ is full of meaningful dance…

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