How To Twerk In Ten Easy Steps

Want to learn how to “twerk?”🙂 -OM
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~Idiot Writing~

1) Warm up the house. This should be done by closing all the windows and curtains. Just close them.
2) Take off your jumper! Things are gonna get HOT!
3) Do three or four lunges and the regular touching of your toes. (bounce gently to begin getting in the mood)
4) Crack your knuckles and hold onto something (ANYTHING!) or place hands on hips, knees or ass. Raise above head if you wish – or do a sign. Or ALL together! (Start with the counter)
5) Place feet wide apart. Not too far – you want to be graceful not look like a sumo wrestler about to engage in combat? Or as if you are in need of the ladies room.
6) Relax – I promise it will be OK – just concentrate on the step 7
7) Put your most elegant and classy expression on your face – a pout, a smirk – a tongue.
8) Arch your…

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