Election Day – November 8th

Some more election thoughts and why people cared so much in this country. Now we have to find ways to unite and move on. And hope he makes wise decisions. -OM
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The Main Focus

November 8th is almost here. In two weeks, the fate of America will be in the hands of voters. I dare say that the two most unlikely people are presidential candidates. Trump said in one of his speeches that the U.S. has been “Governed by stupidity.” Well, I agree in his ideology that the nation’s government has been led by stupid ideas of people in power. His aggressive and bullying tactics are a turn-off to many American people in my opinion. Yet, I believe his ability to lead people can be a benefit to his political campaign.

Ideologically, they both give good points in public policy. But I am still left at this stage of the election in which candidate I believe in more. Who stands for Americans more and who will do something great for this country? I personally think that women deserve a chance in power; however, I’m…

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