40 thoughts on “Be safe

  1. I agree/ it seems that things are spiraling out of control. I saw a video of a guy being beaten by five guys and they stole his car. Meanwhile people are standing on the sidewalk encouraging the beatings and yelling about Trump..

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  2. This is how democracy works. You have an election and there is one leader chosen. Then you have a leader for your country after that, it is how well the leader leads, what advisers they have, and how the nation pulls together to act as a unified nation.

    More and more often now, I see very close elections — not just in the U.S. but in Canada and the rest of the world as well. It means that in some ways people are closer than might be thought because if the elections are close, that means there are many that considered voting one way but chose to vote another.

    I hear of elections being upsets. This confuses me when the polls actually show the results are within 10% of each other and in fact often less than 5%. When I see results like this, my thoughts are that an election could easily go either way. And you see it played out when the popular vote is within even 1%.

    Now… be safe. Work together!

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  3. If people were So worried about Trump and trump supporters accepting the results if hillary won… Why aren’t they calmly and maturely accepting the results when she lost?
    I’ve been seeing reports of the most vile, childish and violent reactions of hillary supporters to the election results. Why is no one calling them on it?

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