This is honestly all a big sick joke. I saw it coming. He won Ohio and Florida. He is going to win.

Many of us are going to learn just how racist this country still is.

And I don’t feel my vote for Gary Johnson was wasted. It was a meaningful vote to me. That’s all that matters when voting. You don’t lose because people vote for a third party. You lose because you don’t get the damn votes!

If Trump wins that is on the Democratic Party for putting forth a weak candidate and someone the American people, as a whole, would never trust! And therefore could never win.


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  1. A 3ed party vote isn’t wasted :).

    I didn’t/don’t like either choice (they both can do better), but it was not detrimental.

    If this cycle has proven anything, its that ALL the parties need a bit of house cleaning. Indeed, the big 2. But the independents also can do much better.

    Thats just me though.

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  2. I was hoping, for the sake of my children, that the racism they would experience in life would be rare and unusual. I knew better than to hope there would be none. So far there are stories out there of many racist incidents that were first time experiences for the victims. Stories from today, just today. Shocking and blatant stuff that makes me want to weep where the children cannot see me. The kids tell me they did have a great day at school, though. I still have some hope. I never did favor despair. I am placing bets that the law still protects and deters.

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  3. I voted for Gary as well. I have to say it was nice to see that over 4 million people voted for him even if that’s not enough for him to win. America would have lost either way if it were Hilary or Trump. Our votes are not wasted. We did what we knew was right. I can only hope for peace in this country and that Trump will not be allowed to get away with half of what he stands for. Much love.

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  4. Here in Canada, would you believe that the Canadian immigration website crashed as soon as it was evident that Trump will win. Looks like some Yankees are really serious in moving here.Good luck on that! It’s not really that simple to immigrate here just like that.

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  5. Glad you voted for Gary Johnson. As I told someone committed to vote for the Green Party’s Stein and was getting shit for it: Voting for a person you feel good about and knowing you did not vote for Trump – Priceless!!!
    My nerves are raw so I quite uncharacteristically sent out a second blog post tonight – if anyone’s interested:

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  6. I am South African, and yesterday I heard someone on a radi program say that if Hilary wins the USA will also know what it feels like to have a criminal as president. It seems like the world has turned upside down. Not just criminals, but semi-literate people can decide the fate of an entire nation!!

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  7. Amen. I see all these folks on FB fussing about third party voters and I’m saying the same as you — put better candidates out there. I’m surprised there weren’t more third party votes than has been reported.

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  8. I completely agree. I am never Hillary!!!! I didn’t vote for either. I was actually told that my vote didn’t count or wait, that it wasn’t valid. Oh well. It was valid to me and God. That’s what matters. Ex-president bush didn’t vote for either according to reports, so does this mean that his vote doesn’t count. 😉
    That’s my rant. This country in my opinion has become more racist and prejudice and discriminative in the past few years than in all of history. Again, my opinion and if Clinton wins I feel it will be far worse than it has been. I am not saying that I am for Trump, but I will never ever be for HTC! Benghazi will always be the main reason why. Thank you for sharing this blog and have a great night. God bless you and your family.

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