Dear Symptoms, Please Go Away!

A strong post about PTSD and chronic illness! -OM
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I like the simplicity of this picture I borrowed from Google images. It’s a simple way for me to understand that try as I might, there are reasons my PTSD symptoms sometimes still have a firm chokehold on me. The list can be long depending on the time of year and triggers. It’s a paradox to me that all the healing I’ve done over the summer has increased my symptoms this Fall. It’s been a beautiful Autumn here in the Midwest. In fact, we hit 70 degrees the other day! I can appreciate the wonderful weather, but the long season has prolonged my symptoms. If only my PTSD understood the calendar and I could time my flashbacks to only happen on certain calendar dates. That would be awesome! I was feeling terribly guilty last week about my level of functioning, until my wonderful boss said to me, “It’s okay, that you’re…

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