Picture Battle – Cyr VS OM

Well the soup looks great! And at work? I normally settle for a ham sandwich! Lucky!!! 😄
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Cyranny's cove

Ding ding ding!!  Round 2  (No… I will not parade in a bikini with a big sign over my head.. But you can picture me doing so, all you want!! LOL)

Yesterday OM posted about his lunch. I couldn’t resist, and I had to battle him again! So, here it is… MY lunch!


Ok, again… The soup is far from being as exciting as OM’s but… It is OM’s pho, on my tablet, and I am at work, so I am a lot less fancy when it comes to office food!

Oh, and for your information, neither the soup or the tablet attempted to take a plunge off my desk! I know they both look a little suicidal, standing so close to the edge, but that’s just the effect I have on things (and hopefully not humans).

There you go OM! Battled, yet again! What people would do to…

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