Parenting in Amoral Times


If parenting weren’t difficult enough, we now have to navigate the dangerous landscape of legalized marijuana dealers and abusive users.

Talk about a daunting task for both child and parent when the government turns against a moral society and becomes a proponent of drug use.

I hope my modern day fable How the Snake Got Its Tail will be of help to concerned parents and stand up to the task.

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®


7 thoughts on “Parenting in Amoral Times

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  2. You make some very legitimate points and thanks for doing so. I do not disagree with most that you are saying. There are very legitimate researches regards medical use of cannabis and its properties. I respect and support those. I do not respect and support the medical marijuana movement with its ulterior objectives that have nothing or very little to do with medicine. Because of this illegitimate popularizing of the drug, kids are more easily getting access to and are smoking pot at ages well below the teens. There needs to be some serious self inspection by those that indulge and promote legalization. In my estimation a permissive attitude toward cannabis will result in disastrous consequences for the future.


  3. “the dangerous landscape of legalized marijuana dealers and abusive users” ? What, you mean similar to the dangerous landscape of legalized alcohol dealers and abusive users? Parenting is challenging, I agree. But with alcohol there is actually the potential to overdose and die. Not true with marijuana. But yeah, be afraid! Very, very afraid!

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    • Yes, alcohol is already a legalized danger for and to many. Alcoholism is a terrible addiction to overcome. Marijuana addiction is much more subtle but very, very often leads to way more dangerous drugs like hashish and heroine. It also destroys such higher virtues as respect, responsibility, trust, etc. It maybe doesn’t outright kill the body but it works to kill the soul. I know many will defend it out of ignorance and justification but I can assure you that if experienced from the trenches as I have this namby-pamby attitude toward it would vanish. As parents, I would be very vigilant and vocal against its legalization.


      • Science has shown that alcohol is much more of a ‘gateway drug’ than marijuana. The science just isn’t there to back up your claim that marijuana use leads to heroine use. Any study that might have purported that fact is outdated and so heavily biased as to be unreliable. Marijuana use also does not “kill the soul”. These absurd claims sound like they are straight out of Reefer Madness.

        I am certainly not defending it out of ignorance. I assure you I have studied the science of marijuana use and the way cannabinols interact with the bodies natural systems. Just a wild guess, I don’t think you have done the same.


        • I have worked in the arena of drug abuse and know of which I speak. It is spoken from experience and has nothing to do with theory. I can see that you apparently think some kind of “study” has more validity than reality. Your conclusions about my knowledge and experience are completely false and I would conclude from your comment that you have taken the bait of marijuana hook, line and sinker.


          • Listen, in all likelihood you are really decent person and I respect that you created a beautiful children’s book. That kind of artistic craftsmanship is admirable. And you have your own personal experiences with marijuana – that is valid.

            Just because I have studied the science of how cannabinoids act in the human body doesn’t mean I don’t have personal experience as well. I was a heavy habitual smoker of cannabis for over ten years. Following that, I was non-smoker for four years by personal choice. I know many responsible adults with jobs and families and happy lives that smoke cannabis regularly. I live in the heart of the Emerald Triangle in California. I have direct experience in spades.

            But my knowledge in the arena doesn’t rely on experience alone; I’ve studied the science as well, that’s all that I’m saying. I haven’t read your book, I’ve only read the description and the reviews on Amazon. The central theme of the book that decisions are either good or bad, pure or evil, and that use of marijuana falls in the Bad category is archaic and very factually false. The world is not a simple duality of black and white; there are a lot of grey areas.

            For example, generally speaking children should not consume marijuana. But it is perfectly okay for a grown-up to do so. And getting back to children, there are documented cases of chronic or terminally ill children using cannabis CBDs (the kind that don’t get you high) for medicine. We have seen cases where a child that takes a plethora or pharmaceutical prescriptions with devastating side effects to manage a chronic or terminal illness. Cannabis CBDs have allow them to cut back on the pharmaceutical drugs while living a vastly more comfortable life while chronically or terminally ill. That is important. And it is a grey area where cannabis use by children is concerned.

            In your response to my original comment, you brought up heroine use. Heroine use is legitimately an enormous problem facing our nation right now. A major factor in the dramatic rise of heroine use by employed middle class citizens is opioid prescription drugs such as oxycontin. Those drugs are very addictive and we’ve seen a huge rise in cases where someone’s prescription will run out and they turn to the black market/street drugs to continue to get a fix. In those cases overdoses and deaths have occurred to otherwise upstanding good citizens. It is truly tragic. That is real problem that needs real solutions as soon as possible. But it may not be an appropriate topic for your next children’s story. I’m not sure where you personally draw the line at drug-related children’s books.

            Anyway, I hope you can understand that my intention is not to attack you personally. I respect your work and the good you are trying to do. Protecting children is very important to me too.

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