My Views on Posting and Over Posting

There is no such thing as over posting. What exists instead is your own personal routine and the routine your readers are used to. Believe it or not… we all don’t share the same methods of blogging and our frequency at posting sometimes shows this difference in outlook. Some bloggers are perfectly happy writing one post a week and having every single subscriber read, like, and comment on each post. That is their goal and standard for blogging. These individuals also put a lot of value into the subscription button because that is who they are catering to with their writing.

I have never blogged that way. I understand why some people do, but that method and form of blogging is not for me and never has been. Although I re-share old posts sometimes, I consider myself a realtime blogger. I call myself that because I constantly write posts, edit once, and then publish them. I enjoy the freedom to express myself in that fashion and my blogging attitude directly reflects my view of this media platform. It is all about quick connections, quick reflections, and realtime posting for me.

Many bloggers have the same standard goal. They want to create a blog or website, establish a readership, and then spend the rest of their days writing for those subscribers who ultimately become their online friends. What this process normally entails is adjusting your method of posting according to where you are in the build process. I’ve always hated that concept, that the number of readers directly affects how I blog. I strive to break that relationship and have always worked to make my blogging uniquely mine. I don’t allow people to affect what I post or how I post it.

Everyone forms their own schedule and method of blogging. I post so much because I am not worried about burying posts or overwhelming my readers. The point here is that my readers, the real readers of this website, understand what this blog is. They know me as the writer and they also probably have a strong grasp of how I operate by now. That, to me, is the goal of blogging. It isn’t so much what we post… but how we post it and if we connect through our sites.

I work for those connections daily.

-Opinionated Man




40 thoughts on “My Views on Posting and Over Posting

  1. I think if you post more you sort of cover more ground. Readers will pick up on the posts they like to read and maybe ignore the ones they are not interested in. You kind of please more people if you blog more… But then of course, that comes from a rookie like me 😉

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  2. Say I really like a blog, I want to read and follow it, but in one day they have posted 10 separate posts, my email is crammed full of their notifications, say there are quite of few of these blogs with all these separate posts, I have over 1000 emails from WP bloggers. I eventually have to unsubscribe to some of these blogs because I can’t handle the number of posts bombarding me. What’s a girl to do? Don’t be mean.

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  3. I love your posts. I am so happy to have read your very first sentence: There is no such thing as over posting. At one point I thought that I should slow down, but I post what my FB group members (2 groups) share with me on a daily basis, and I am happy to share with my blogging community what my members share with me.
    Life is good – and I will continue to blog my way, as ‘there is no such thing as over posting” as per Opinionated Man

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  4. In the seventies I kept a constant stream of stuff going to the small presses, hobbyist with some sort of printing device in their back rooms. It was a release for me. Some of the stories published in those quarterly rags were wild. I recall one individual summarizing his summer working at a Yellowstone deli and pissing in the dish washer when no one was watching.

    In the eighties I bought a Commodore 64 and engaged myself with “news groups”. I followed a writing group for a year while the members argued about the best pens to use. I learned little else.

    I’m not sure when the blogs came along. One day I was suddenly aware of them. They were easy. No rules. Just belt it out and then wait.

    Receiving positive comments is a nice thing. I enjoy that. But I write for my own pleasure. My wife and I are elderly. She has survived two heart attacks. She’s been since March getting going again. Until about a month ago I did the cooking, housework, clothes, and, of course, as her primary care giver. No complaints. We’ve been married 54 years and she deserves everything I can offer.

    Blogging is quiet, affordable, and always interesting. It’s what keeps me going. 🙂

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