I never knew what a mother looked like until I saw you approach. I only knew how a mother looked like when she left your life for good. How permanent a back can seem when that back is faced towards you. What life awakens within when you realize you get a chance to begin again.

I have grown to learn that there are women that were moms and there are women that are mothers. I’ve had both in my life. A mother that gave birth to me and brought me into this damn world. Another mother that actually cared I was in this world and helped me to live in it. Such different persons with the same name. How it all makes sense later when you understand the needs of a child of your own.


I could live a thousand lives and never miss a cry.

Breathing, knowing, living, dying… life is just a sigh.

Do I know the name I know, a Korean that was born?

Can I live without that knowledge, living life that was torn.

Learning to hear laughter from children that are mine.

Learning to accept laughter, one smile at a time.




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