No Time

I wish I had time to sit around and read all these books being sent to me. I don’t have time.

I have a list of books from my mom I still have to tackle and you guys don’t rank anywhere close to her in importance. I know. It hurts when we speak the truth.

I’ll try to respond to emails soon, but just know… I don’t have time to read books sent to me. Or to do reviews or read really long emails about something which I’ll hopefully learn later… …

I’ll promote your book though and we can work out a price. I promote bloggers for free daily, but books are a lot of work!

I have a lot of areas on this site where connections can be made. Tons of those connections do book promotions for free, reviews for free, or will trade services. Check into the meet and greet post which is linked as the first post at the top of my website. Or see below.

You can email me at about book promotions.




20 thoughts on “No Time

  1. Hey, Jason, send all those books to me. I would love to get paid for reviewing books, and with retirement looming on the horizon, I’ll have plenty of time to read them (and need a little cash to supplement Social Security). Plus, the authors will get the wittiest review ever – and a brutally honest one, if they’re able to handle that. I may even let the alter-ego write some of the reviews. Anyone up for that? (or ) Check it out, people – I really am for hire!

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