What’s been happening…

Just now watching fight club? What happened? 😄Glad your step dad is doing ok!

And what’s up with the lack of blogging. Let’s talk about that! 😂😉 -OM

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Ocean Cervantes Wallace

So, I don’t know why but I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought i’d share what I’ve been up to…

Halloween!! I love it! I just like the fact its spooky and so cosy when you’re indoors plus the clocks go back so now it gets dark early yay!! So I will start with the weekend before Halloween… Me and Luke had spent weeks making our Halloween costumes because it’s so boring just buying one! I went as The Mad Hatter and Luke went as Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, we was invited to a birthday/Halloween party by someone Luke works with On Saturday  29th Oct.

14907033_1321552031191020_5081249714312070868_n Me and Luke’s Halloween costumes

We won best dressed!! Woo!!  (we think we will go as Groot and Rocket next year from Guardians of the Galaxy).. So after that was obviously the day of Halloween I had to work so…

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