For Men Only -The Itch

We often assume things and we come to find out they simply aren’t true. For instance, I’ve always assumed men address the itch in the same way. I guess that isn’t true.

Have you ever been in a meeting, at the office, on a date, or just in public and you suddenly have the itch? Now some men, Gary, just start grabbing that crotch and scratching. Ok, I do that actually. It isn’t really scratching though is it? It is more like rearranging what can’t be rearranged.

So what do you do if you can’t just go to town and get it done? I’ve always used… the pocket scratch. We know what the pocket scratch is right? We pretend we are getting some loose change, finding treasure in our pocket, or we are looking for our chapstick. What we are really doing is going seal team 6 on an immediate threat to our comfort. I like the pocket scratch because most people don’t notice it. Not unless you look like you are trying to spin a wheel down there. I’ve often wondered if women do the pocket scratch. Too bad I put the Men Only sign or we would ask one…




74 thoughts on “For Men Only -The Itch

  1. When I worked with young guys years ago at Taco Bell, I occasionally caught them takin care of their business. You know “the turn” where you act like you just changed your mind about where you want to go and as you turn to the other direction, you get a quick scratch in? Of course I made them wash their hands!!!


  2. Look women get wedgies and have to pull the underwear out of the front area. Also our fronts and backs get itchy too. (I could speak graphically, I usually do, but hey this is not my blog!) It’s best to make adjustments or scratch in the bathroom or in an empty isle in the grocery store, and hope no one catches you.

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  3. Our pockets are sewn up if we have any sence because they bulge and make hips look huge! Or that is what a lot of us do. We are also not uncouth and would take ourselves… under the desk, behind a door or in the loo. But on no occasion would we … go for it when we can be seen. To the best of my knowledge this is honest and truthful and I have knowledge . But if I have offended any crotch scratching exhibitionist female adjusters… i am cough sorry.

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  4. If you are awoman needing to scratch down there then you probably have bigger issues than where it’s okay to do it. We don’t have things swinging loose down there so we don’t need to re-arrange anything. Personally I don’t care if you do it anywhere. Just wash your hands if you’re going under the boxers. Gary posted the password. And I thought it was a different type of itch😂😂😂

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  5. Well you know… since you brought this up, and I find this amusing, I’ll chime in. As a woman I take care of it in the bathroom because like OMG hell falls upon you if you touch yourself in public down there where anyone can see you. Seriously wish though underpants weren’t made from hell and didn’t decide to move on you at the worse possible time in the worse possible way. I can’t speak for all women, but I don’t think the pocket method can save you from this. As for actual itching, we at least have creams and stuff for that and again… the bathroom. And again it’s because society usually demands that we don’t touch ourselves at all. So we have to pretend that we don’t.

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