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Today’s featured blogs posts are:

Do step in and show some love.

Immunity Boosters – We need to know how to keep our immunity up, especially in today’s world that’s rife with.

How much is safety and security worth to you? Tasha’s words are always apt.  This is a sound piece of advice for anyone. Please read.

Two are better than one  I love Michelle’s blog. Her words are like bread, butter, meat and water if you get my drift.

Love is enough in the adoption world.  That’s all we really need after all. LOVE.

A dozen pretty words Brenda’s words sing to me. Her poetry is like fine wine and even if you are a Philistine that doesn’t understand poetry you’ll appreciate the beauty of her words.

Inspired Beacon – Kaylaa’s e-commerce store makes my eye’s pop and her motivating words on her blog is…

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