Black History Fun Fact Friday – Sarah Rector

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Pearls Before Swine


Welcome Back to Black History Fun Fact Friday!

Since the return of Black History Fun Fact Friday, I will be merging Lost to History: Unfamiliar Faces with BHFFF. I mention Lost to History because this story is definitely one of an unfamiliar face. I introduce to you Sarah Rector who was just eleven when she received international attention. Why? Because she was a millionaire!

In 1913, The Kansas City Star publicized the headline, “Millions to a Negro Girl.”


Sarah was born on March 3, 1902 in Twine, Oklahoma on Muscogee Creek Native American land. Both Sarah’s mother and father had enslaved Creek Ancestry, and therefore were the former property of Native American or “Indian” slave owners. The Dawes Act of 1887 was created by the United States in an attempt to “bridge the gap” concerning their acquisition of Indian Land. Authorized to survey American Indian tribal land and divide it…

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