About the reblogs

I’ve been doing a lot of reading this week to pass some hours. When I take the time to comment, I normally reblog that comment. That’s just what I’ve always done.

If someone wants me to remove the reblog or wants me to not share their posts on my site you can email me.

My email is aopinionatedman@gmail.com

I won’t ask why. I’ll remove it. I reblog to give back and to be nice. I always disable comments to promote the original post.



15 thoughts on “About the reblogs

  1. You’re really nice person when you reblog some posts that you like. Everyone likes that his posts would be reblogged in someone blog that had more traffic because he gets more traffic too.
    I wish that my posts were blogged by someone else.
    Don’t feel annoyed, you do a good job.😊

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  2. Why one wouldn’t want to be reblogged is a total mystery to me! I am not big on reblogging myself (I should do it more… I am more of a “links in my posts” kind of girl πŸ™‚ ) but I am flattered every time someone reblogs one of my posts. As you say, it is a kind gesture and I really wonder why people wouldn’t want you to be nice to them… Hmmm… πŸ™‚

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  3. I understand your disabling the comments, but doing so prevented me from yelling, “I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO USES POWDERED SUGAR ON PANCAKES!!” I can’t wait to tell my husband tonight…for two reasons, 1) the powdered sugar thing – he thinks I’m the only one, and 2) I love starting stories with “Oh, and Jason uses powdered sugar…” because he really, really thinks about “who is Jason” and when he finally asks I take great joy in saying “a fellow blogger” to which I will receive an eye roll. Good post, good day!

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  4. Jason you are perpetuating the most sincerest form of flattery and I for one enjoy the ride. ~~dru~~
    In my not so humble opinion; if someone doesn’t want a reblog they shouldn’t blog to begin with. Private thoughts should be expressed in private places.

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