5 Things I love About Living In The Mountains

I love the mountains as well! We don’t live in them, but we are really close! 😀-OM
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Cedric Ramey

Living in the mountains can be the perfect vacation or permanent living. Either way the mountains can be one of the most amazing and beautiful escape for most people.

1. View

Waking up every morning and looking outside my window and seeing the landscape and the continuous mountains from the distance is such a warm feeling. It reminds me how beautiful earth is!

2. Exercise

You can get the best work out by living in the mountains. Going for a run around the hills is such a intense work out, it will keep you more in touch with nature while staying fit outdoors!

3. Explore!

Exploring your area is really awesome, finding new locations and new trails is such a great experience, I found a small forest that I didn’t know about! If you live near mountains you should really go on a adventure, you’ll never know what you will…

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