Don’t Thank Me…

Don’t thank me if you suddenly find I shared your post through a reblog. Simply pay it forward. I don’t do it for thanks… I do it for bloggers and those I have connected with.

We all need a hand and even though blogging is an individual sport… still the communities we connect with are connected to on purpose. There are so many of them here on WordPress and they all have their goals.

The purpose of HarsH ReaLiTy at has always been to promote blogging, networking, personal opinion, and freedom. I accomplish this by spreading my truth as well as the truth of all of you. That is harsh reality to me, the community that makes my online reality.

Don’t thank me. Instead show thanks by supporting other bloggers.

Giving a smile to someone online is so easy these days. It only matters if you wish to care to share them.






29 thoughts on “Don’t Thank Me…

  1. Thank you for all the people you help… I know you do it without waiting for reward, but you deserve it all the same 🙂 A lot of us hope we can someday have your success… And being featured by you is a gift 🙂 I know I speak for a lot…. Thank you, you kind OM 🙂

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