Dear Bloggers

If you have to steal content to make content… stop blogging. It obviously isn’t for you and stealing is lame as shit.


We all want to be shared and there are great ways to share posts given to us by WordPress and other media platforms. I appreciate anyone that pushes my writing on in the form of a pingback or reblog, but what is trending these days isn’t sharing. It is stealing and it is piggybacking.

I’ll explain what the difference is so there is no confusion.

I have spent countless hours getting this website ranked on google. Don’t ask me how, I am no SEO expert, but regardless my site is where it is. What people now do is piggyback off the ranking and SEO status of other sites to get their sites noticed. Sometimes this is done innocently and is a totally legit way of networking. Other times people intentionally create fake ebooks full of URLS of high ranking sites so that their own URL goes up in Google search.

Why is that a big deal?

Ask anyone that has attempted to climb the ranks of Google and they’ll tell you. It is an impossible code that many of us spend lots of time trying to break. Countless books are written about google analytics and ranking for a reason… it is a very complex animal. So when we finally accomplish that ranking we become frustrated when we find some toolbag trying to ride our coat tails without permission.

What does this mean?

Simple. For the past 3 years, since I gained my rank, a new ebook with my URLs and some of my writing has been placed into fake ebooks and hosted somewhere on the internet by unknown people. Many of you have experienced this too in some form. The worst part is these aren’t even real books and aren’t hosted by Amazon. These are thieves running proxies so they can attempt to make the few dollars off each URL they grab.

Stealing is wrong. We have all heard this right? I do not use free photos, free images, or any photos I find on the internet because… STEALING IS WRONG AND WEAK!

If you can’t come up with your own content and have to resort to stealing just stop blogging. No one will miss you. No one will care.

-Opinionated Man




28 thoughts on “Dear Bloggers

  1. I actually got threatened with a lawsuit recently for reblogging….Okay, somebody obviously doesn’t understand the concept of blogging (or Fair Use). No, I didn’t steal, I excerpted with full credit given and a pingback, both to help promote the other blogger and because I wanted to comment on what the other blogger wrote. But this person acted like I was somehow stealing…It’s so good to read posts like these, and the comments below, to see that I did nothing wrong: This is what we bloggers are supposed to be doing! But it’s crazy out there, isn’t it? 😛 I come over here and it’s like a bit more healing every time OM writes on this subject. 😀

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  2. I wrote a blog post and basically the same post with the same title was written. I don’t mind if my blog stirs a mind and makes someone realize, or have an epiphany, to write about their own experience, but man oh man when I see my entire analogy and metaphor used by someone else ….come on…this is my life from my brain…get your own material people. So yep, I relate

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  3. My daughter you’re gonna get tired of me.. but that’s why I don’t like to read other people blogs because one it jars memories and two I don’t want their content to influence mind.. but I know reading is part of blogging..

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