Blog Envy

I think we all experience blog envy. I know I’ve experienced it when visiting some fascinating blogs and seeing great comments left for people. I’m not talking about nice remarks or passing compliments, no these are paragraphs long with an introduction, a conclusion, and even questions about their dog Fuffy. How come none of you ever ask me about my dog?

Let’s see, what do I envy…

I envy people that began blogging earlier than me and found success by getting sponsored or picked up. Ok, I’m definitely envious of that. See those bloggers don’t have to write best selling novels, no they are writing the same bullshit I do… but they are getting paid. I’m not talking about those that pay to post or take contract jobs. Good for those bloggers and writers that can commit to the grind. The struggle for me has always been the story of two paths. I have the reality which is the day job I do, and I have the hobby/dream job… which I don’t get paid for.

We all know blogging has evolved and many people are making money as site owners and pushing personal businesses. I get that, I’ve done that, and it really isn’t for me. Not in that form at least.

Some might say at this point I’m just keeping my site alive. I don’t view it that way. Right now I’m moving posts back from the dead page and rebuilding a little bit. I’m also figuring out what I want to do with my writing and how I want to present it.

You can have plans. You can also make new plans and even have plans on top of plans. All that really matters, at least to me, is that you feel like you are building towards something. Whether that is a goal, a number, a dream, freedom… whatever it may be, that feeling of “drive” is what keeps me going and has for the four years I’ve run HarsH ReaLiTy.

I will say that after everything I feel safe with my site back on WP. I didn’t give them back the domain to hold, I hold that now off platform. I think that’s important and those that know this site know why I say that. I’d suggest doing the same, but it can be a pain to do.



84 thoughts on “Blog Envy

  1. No need to be jealous man! You’ve got a nice blog. Just keep working. It’s tough when you you feel like you’re putting in work and not seeing commensurate results but the thing I like that you said is – at least you have something you are working on, and you are healthy enough to keep working on it each day. There are a lot of folks that don’t even have that opportunity.

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  2. I have been reading your blogs and i just realised….you have 54K FOLLOWERS!! Wont monetizing this blog generate enough income? Im sorry if it’s a stupid question, im new to this, i have only written like 20 posts

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  3. I can’t imagine how huge a blog would have to be to cause envy in a person with over 54K followers! lol I struggled to get 54! You must be doing something great to have won us all over, right?
    And how are the cavies, a.k.a. guinea pigs?

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  4. How’s the guinea pigs? not as much fun as unicorns I must say but beady eyed little cuties none the less, hi to the family and whats up for dinner tonight? I’m having pizza (New York, not Chicago…) but the Cubs won so I’m happy,

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  5. I feel you there, I envy your blog actually speaking. And if I could put it this way I idolize your blog. 😀 I love how you have an ease with your posts and the way you interact. Even though I am still new it’s been almost a year that I joined this amazing community. And there are quite a few website that wowed me and made me wish of starting the blog earlier than I did. But, again am more than happy and delighted at where my blog is. I do have plans for the future though. 😉
    Well anyway how’s your dog? And looks like your “drive” just got you to write yet another great post. 🙂
    Have a great week ahead Jason,

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  6. I don’t make a penny from my blog…and I’m happy to keep it that way. I gain more form the writing of it than I could have imagined…and especially from the interaction with people who have steadily become friends.
    Having said that… I didn’t know you had a dog. Sriously, if you have, don’t mention it. Mine takes over the blog every so often, rips my dignity and reputation to shreds…and gets far more comments than I ever do 😉

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  7. Envy will kill you slowly, OM. Try to ease down on it. I’m sure you will be able to monetize your blog if you keep working and wholeheartedly believe it’s a possibility. The universe works in mysterious ways, so we must speak things into existence. Personally, I’m happy for anyone who is monetizing their blog by creating content that’s fascinating for their readership. I don’t get jealous or envious of anyone because I’m comfortable with who I am, what I’m capable of, and where I’m going. Peace and blessings.

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