I found after my first year of blogging that it is much easier, and safer, to pick one name you use “for fun” and stick with it. I normally pick Gary.

Gary is a great guy, a father, a blogger, and someone I consider an online friend. I enjoy his conversation, his blog, and the fact that he allows me to use his name as a scapegoat.

It is never my intention, regardless what you may have read about me, to needlessly dog anyone on the internet. I joke, I poke fun at people, and I also poke fun at myself. That is who I am and how I act. That is simply me and how I blog. My blog isn’t for everyone… and may not be for most ones.

If you are ever looking for a great blog to add to your reader check out Gary’s at

Now… I’ll return to dogging on the man. It is what I do best!





21 thoughts on “Gary

  1. So that’s who Gary is. I’ve been to his blog and you should be careful; I reckon he could take you. I follow Jim too, seems a safer scapegoat. You could pick on me, but as a woman you’d have both feminists and chauvinists at your throat. That’s why I always scapegoat family members. 🙂

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  2. Hey friend ☻
    Well at least you can blame it on Gary (someone a real friend) for not showing up have to blame someone lol …Hell I just might start blaming him and I don’t even know him lol…
    Oh but I could come up with a few good friends on here to blame lolol…

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