Having the Freedom Doesn’t Mean You Should

After a full day of reading reasons why people should be allowed to burn our flag, I finally buckled down and wrote a response. But like all sensitive topics no one that should read this post will.

I get it. Anger causes us to do irrational things and to come up with irrational reasons why we should be able to do them. The difference in the current flag burning and the same action done during the Vietnam War is the reason why the action is being done. During the Vietnam War people burned the flag to protest the actions of America as a whole. They were ashamed of our nation and they did the only action they could think of that would garner the right kind of attention and it worked.

Today we see people burning the flag we love because they claim to love that flag… so they are burning it to show their love. They are protesting one man and in their outrage and protest they have made that one man the symbol of this country. One man! Let me be very clear here. The president represents the country and that is why he is the president. Trump is not America though. Trump IS NOT AMERICA! What the flag burners are really doing is making one man cause them to hate so much they are burning something they should love, and that isn’t right.

I keep seeing people say “well I know Veterans who are all for burning the flag!” I’d like some names. Who are you speaking of? Are you referring to the few veterans that are on CNN’s paid correspondent list? Can you really trust anyone on television these days? I can understand a veteran saying they protect the right to the action. I can’t mentally comprehend any veteran saying “burn that fucking flag!” No one I know would say that… and I know a few veterans personally. Like actually in person…

Having the freedom doesn’t mean you should. I have the freedom to not bath, but I’ll continue to do so. If Trump mentions bathrooms or tubs that won’t put me over the edge. I won’t start condemning bathtubs and restrooms worldwide just because I hate Trump. You see Trump doesn’t have that power over me. He won’t change my opinions on things even if he happens to align with my position. I won’t let people shame me either into changing my outlook simply so I stay on the opposite side of Trump. That is the problem I see with people right now and their need to separate everyone! Friends, family, church members, it doesn’t matter because everyone is drawing lines right now in my America. They are so angry and so ready to show their separation from a man they hate that they’ll try to rationalize something they would never have done a year ago.

So I ask you this in all seriousness. Will you burn my flag? Have you burned my flag before? Is Trump the reason you now hate my flag? If so… that is pathetic to me and sad. Living reactively to a single person is no way to live at all and that includes towards our president… whoever that may be.

Jason Chandler Cushman

-Opinionated Man




The Bad Son 2

I know you probably aren’t very pleased with me right now. Sometimes my Korean nature shows in unusually Korean ways… and my stubborness knows no limit. I know you wished for a different response from me the other day and I can’t give a good explaination for why I have decided to do what I am doing.

I am just done. I am done with the “maybes” and the guesses. I am done knowing something is wrong and not being able to prove it. I am done being poked and prodded like a cow. I am done.

Yesterday I was the bad son. Again. I have been him before and I will be him again as I grow into me.

The bad man.

-Opinionated Man





A Connection in my Pants

I feel a connection in my pants. It comes in the form of a vibration and a sudden awareness of interest. Where do the unsuspecting eyes currently dwell? My pants know. With their awakening comes a rebirth of personal satisfaction. Waves upon waves of limelight roll ashore in the form of green envy. And as the man walks upon the beach he feels yet again another connection through his cell phone resting within his pocket. It is his leash to the world, even when he simply wishes to disconnect.