I don’t write for you and you.

I write for me and me.

A blog I have, a blog I built.

A blog where I can be me.

They say build walls, well I’ll build walls.

If protection I must find.

You wave your sword for my sweet reward.

The falling fall of mine.

They say don’t talk.

So I’ll talk the talk.

I’ll write a blog today.

You write your way and I’ll write my way.

I’ll say what I must say.




27 thoughts on “Blogger

  1. Sad that some have to write anonymously but it is getting harder to express opinions without attracting extreme responses sometimes. The belief that everyone is entitled to an opinion and that debate should be positive seems to be lost on some.

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  2. great attitude.. In a perfect world that’s how it should be.. but in real life, if you don’t keep your anonymity, you can get embroiled with friends and relatives, analyzing your every thought. I try to be honest and I don’t go under a pseudo identity, but I have to deal with people critiquing me because of that

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