Trigger Warning

How sad is the sight of a single tear drop that never meets another tear.

Never knowing the feeling of being a part of a greater emotion, you were just a fleeting passion.

A single tear from a single feeling and not one that is felt.

It is simply remembered as that time you felt that thing.

And nothing more.


Twitter: @smokendust


Sometimes I see you in the night. Between the cubes and the decision to contemplate that time of indecision. So many gifts you’ve given me and never known it. You’ll never know it and that’s the irony. That’s the shame.

22 thoughts on “Trigger Warning

  1. interesting idea.. the tear is lonely because it is quickly passing. It makes me think of a feeling of isolation because two people may be a tear and be sad, but never meet or know others are going through the same things. that is just my take on it though.
    Also it is interesting how everything can be humanized. Which I wonder why as humans we do that. Like een as babies, human mind constantly looking for faces in things.

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