87 thoughts on “All things come to an end

  1. I just realized something. If you’re down and out about blogging so hard, I hope it will make you smile that you have like – 8,000 more followers than the Time Magazine page! Way to go!! That’s pretty damn cool, if I do so say myself 😀

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      • TELL me about it! Eats life whole many days.

        I have written more than one “buh-bye” missive still hanging out as drafts, a couple of warnings and pull backs — and a gang mugging, fractured hand and forced move took me off the grid for several months. PTSD and depression slowed me down at points subsequent.

        Ultimately, I continued because I enjoy researching and writing and I missed having a community – even “without bodies” (Cincinnati is not the most welcoming of towns to newcomers).

        My point is, pull back and restore. Do something else with your time and see how you feel. Take the pressure out of your cooker. Don’t wait until you are burned to a crisp.

        Come back when you want, drop in and out, post once a week, once a month, or once in a while — it’s YOUR life and your blog.

        You are well enough known that many of your followers will be thrilled with a lot less than what you feel you must do (and have done, obviously, to build such a fanbase). Make it work for YOU and those around you in the real world.

        Take care of YOU!

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  2. I don’t get paid to blog either, and I don’t have the over 60,000 followers that you worked so hard to get. I subsist on a meager social security retirement and an equal amount earned by working a night job, seven days per week, coming up on a thousand days without a day off. Dang it, now I’m getting depressed.

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  3. Oh no! I didn’t realize that you were feeling like that today. I’ve felt like that because I don’t feel like my work is appreciated but people like you and Danny have kept me going through the excruciatingly exhausted and uninspired times. Don’t give up!

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