45 thoughts on “Cubs

  1. If you were an outfielder in little league, you might as well have taken a book/video game to entertain yourself. Not much happening out there. Laughing here. ☺

    Baseball is most fun to watch if the pitching is bad. Hits, base runners, scores.

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  2. I love baseball and I’m happy for the cubs but I’m a red sox fan so out of the two going to the series the year I will be cheering for the cubs because I’m not really sure if I even like the Indians that much. But I know you are a die hard Bronco fan so it is okay that you don’t like baseball. Take care and have a good week.

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  3. I wholeheartedly disagree. Huge baseball fan but I love the minutiae of the sport. Football second and slowly falling and far off in the distance I’ll pay attention to a basketball game or two.
    Its not a full on absolute but I find the discussion of baseball games more intelligent, in general, than football. There are the obnoxious fans for all sports but I feel football gets the louder “my team is the best and anything you say negatively about it means you’re an a-hole” type of fan.

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  4. Can’t say I like this, I’m more of a baseball fan than any other sport. To me, football sucks, 11 minutes of play (yes, that was charted by the WSJ one year), the rest just rerun of plays (27 minutes) and commercials. That said, I could never get into watching baseball of TV, too many commercials and lousy commentators.

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