My Trending Stories – Update

I never expected so many people to email me about this group.

I do not know anymore than most of you… although if I ended up knowing the creator it wouldn’t overly shock me.

Anyone has the ability to create a “community blog” and that is all they are doing. Join or don’t join, it is all about what you get back.

I have never needed help to blog. I have never needed help to network. I have never needed help to connect with new bloggers. I have never needed help getting my posts noticed.

Some people need help. Some people need community blogs. If that’s you then go for it. As long as you get something back in return.

Be very careful about losing the rights to your writing. Be very careful that someone isn’t using YOU for Ad revenue by altering your posts to include a tag or line for advertising. Be cautious. The thing people forget is that guest posting is a great way to share bloggers and their stories. But there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Editing someone’s post, particularly without their knowledge, so that you meet an Ad requirement is pretty low. I’ve heard of some groups doing this.

In my four years on WordPress I have had countless offers to create community blogs with people and with groups. I have told them all “no.” It isn’t that I wasn’t flattered… at least I used to be flattered. The reason I said no is because most people don’t blog the way I do. Most people would have no way of actually helping ME… I’d be helping them instead.

My current top google hit is “My Trending Stories” and I find that amusing. I never intended to write a review on them, I simply thought it was amusing they kept emailing me and using different names. I wrote my post as a criticism, but not to start a war.

I am not here to start wars. Not anymore.

I won’t retract what I have posted or said. No one can make me do that. And that’s another reason I write by myself and for myself.

It makes it easier to tell everyone to fuck off.

We use social media how we can and I don’t hate on this new group for community building. I hated on them for lying and embellishing the truth. I’d be just as quick to jump on anyone for doing that. Even God himself.

Blogging is great because we get to create ourselves. We splash a little bit of reality onto the cooler image we have always wanted to be. What that creates is our online persona and we run with it.

My online persona has always been Opinionated Man here. (We won’t count Victrix).

What will you be known for?

Note: This will be my last post on this topic and group unless further info is received.


-Opinionated Man




17 thoughts on “My Trending Stories – Update

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  2. I got several emails from them. I set it up and wrote a story and then thought they are using my free blogs to build their site. They have gotten no more from me.


  3. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep an eye out for these guys (and others like them.) I don’t normally do guest posts or ask for them; instead I do a weekly post called Friday Feeds with links to my favorite posts and posts I think my readers may find useful, this way everyone benefits.

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  4. All I can say here is ‘ Wow, THANK YOU!’. I needed to read this! I’ve also been contacted by MTS, and even set up an account to see what it was all about, but haven’t published anything on it because something wasn’t sitting quite right. (You know the feeling). I had no idea they had contacted you with false names?? What are we, 8?
    As for community blogging, I thought it would be a good thing, but have realized that it is basically just using other people to create ‘their’ content. In which case, I agree with you 120%.

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    • For me, and this is just me, they sent a ton of emails and then send me emails for some of my regular readers and blogging friends. I also tell people to read their wording carefully and just do your research. Hopefully that clarify a the name part of the post. They kept confusing me for people I know basically… evens though they have my same email. Maybe a clerical error… πŸ˜‚


  5. I debating about community blog for one I’m new to blogging.. and I don’t want to have my thoughts changed.. are the way I write so I have been cautious to grouping .. but I must admit it was my goal to have a lot of followers.. and it still is but I’m learning that comes with time..thanks for the insight..

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