I Write

I do not write my story for sympathy or applause. I write because my pen is wet with life and begs me to move it with purpose. I dream of word strings and writing amazing things. I write my life because no one else ever will and no one else will ever have to.

Penning my deeds so I know the deeds were done. My hand knows the letters that make my past. Killing words to steal their meaning. My writing becomes my meaning, the meaning of my life. Purpose found, please give me strength. To write all the things till the things are done.

I am not a poet, but I see poetry. I’m not an author and yet I see my name on books. I am what I am and that is what is written. The written me by the writer.

I write.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man



20 thoughts on “I Write

  1. Well, now I’m REALLY embarrassed. Yep. I see I definitely overstepped. I was giving you applause in the intro I wrote on the reblog and that’s not your thing. I apologize. You’re clearly a very humble individual. I feel like an idiot, haha!

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      • Yay! So, me being slightly over the moon when you reblogged my story “A Sinister Easter and the Angel” was appropriate, then? Woohoo! happy dance For once I wasn’t a complete dork! haha! :o))

        Thank you again for doing that. It was very sweet! Although, may I ask one quick question? When I went to your page and saw it, it’s not linked to my blog like your other reblogs are…was curious about that…can you enlighten me? Haha. I am still very new and still learning! Thanks, Jason. You rock! As humble as you are, I’ll always be applauding you, even if I do so quietly at times! 🙂

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