I confess

I had someone finally ask why I have so few comments if my subscriber number is so high…

So I confessed.

I really only have a couple readers of my site at this point. A lot of that has to do with my domain changing platforms twice and many people think I stopped blogging. My subscriber number says one thing, but honestly only 12.75 people really read my blog. And half of them hate me. So that means only 6.37555 people actually follow my life out of love. Like Gary.

That should make some of you feel better.

I’m rebuilding ranking as I can. For fun of course. I know it isn’t real because my hip is now tied to WordPress.

Still… I am human. I’ll admit it feels good to see the numbers climb again. Taking motivation where we can find it is sometimes all a blogger has. Use that motivation and tell anyone that hates on you for being proud of your accomplishments to fuck off.

That’s what I do.



80 thoughts on “I confess

  1. Hardly anybody reads my blog. I have few subscribers. My guess is that the few people that show up, post “likes” and bother to follow are hoping that I will, in turn, check out their blogs. Will I stop? Well, if I find a better way to spend my time, sure. If not, it’s better than playing solitaire (but worse than practicing steel drums) and winter here is to damn cold to go for long walks with Genius Mutt.

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  2. I hate you and your 17.5 followers or commenters or what ever you want to call them. Although your blog posts are semi interesting and your skin is flawless I still hate you. Don’t be surprised if, while you’re rebuilding, someone knocks down a few walls on accident. All of this could have been avoided if you would only share your make up tips. :o)

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  3. Hey Jason, sometimes I am grateful for one like and one comment often makes my day on my personal alderbest.wordpress.com blog because there I am really talking about what’s making me tick that day. People do like and sometimes comment on my Book reader blog booksi’veenjoyed.wordpress.com and I am happy a few people even look at it.

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