The other night I was flipping through the channels with my wife and I came across a show called Westworld on HBO. At first it looked like another Deadwood episode and I almost changed the channel. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy Westerns, I just have to be in the mood for them. I am so glad I didn’t change the channel!

Westworld is anything but a “Western” television show. We soon realized we were watching the end of an episode in the series and we decided to switch stations so we could watch the show from the beginning. I hate being lost during a storyline and without seeing the shows in chronological order it is impossible to know what is going on. I was also excited because I thought there were two seasons of the show out after looking it up on Demand and we were looking forward to binge watching them.

Unfortunately we were wrong. Westworld just started and the third episode aired last night! It is so hard to wait for what happens, particularly when the plot is so intriguing! My wife and I are definitely hooked on this new series!

I will try not to spoil the entire series, which would be hard to do considering it is intricate enough that the audience still doesn’t know all that is going on after only three episodes. The show is also captivating because you learn that Westworld is a computer simulation where humans go for “vacation” to basically do whatever they want to. It is like a mixture of the games The Sims and Grand Theft Auto because you literally have real humans running around acting good or badly according to their personal choices. It is the ultimate choose your own adventure story.

The intricacy of the storyline is compounded by the fact that the show follows many of the characters actively and works to weave their storylines together for the audience while you are watching. What this creates is episodes where small secrets and hints are dropped all the time and as the watcher you have to carefully decipher what those hints and tips mean! The story also flips constantly between Westworld and the Real World! That is what makes the show so much fun to watch!

There are definitely some aspects of Westworld that certain audience members won’t like and that will be apparent from watching just the first episode. Westworld is broadcasted by HBO and the plot is made for mature audiences. Because the world is a simulation, the audience watches as each day mirrors the previous day almost identically. What changes though are aspects of the storyline or “script” that directly affects the actions of both the humans and the robots in the story that the creators of Westworld made for the guests of the program. What you begin to see is that the smallest change in action, words, or even thought can directly alter the reality of everyone you touch. That is the reality of the real world. That is also the reality of the virtual world called Westworld.

What if everyone isn’t playing the same game? What if the rules don’t apply to everyone?

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man



58 thoughts on “Westworld

  1. I remember the original movie from the 70’s and loved it. I saw it again a few years ago and thought it was terribly boring. My how perceptions change with the passage of time. This sounds much better than the movie. Too bad I don’t have HBO.

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  2. I think it’s the actor, Ed Harris, maybe? Could be wrong but he keeps doing whatever he pleases, mostly bad things…can’t figure out why he is allowed to do ANYTHING. I know they gave a clue but I can’t remember what it was!

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