My Child with a Broken Heart

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What do I say to my child with a broken heart?

I’m so sorry this happened to you.

It will be okay, it doesn’t feel like it, but it will be okay.

We hold him through the tears, we sit with him and let him talk, and sob, just sitting, just feeling.

We reassure him, that he is lovable, he’s a good person, that his dreams will come true.

We text, we call, we make sure he is eating, make sure he is surrounded by good friends and we cry for his pain.

We know as parents that this will pass, that her breaking his heart now was the best outcome before he walked down the aisle in 10 weeks. We saw the divorce happening before they even said their I-do’s. We talked about stopping the wedding at the ceremony. (could we be those people?)

We knew she was absolutely the wrong person…

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