No One for President 2016

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The Honking Goose

It’s not easy to talk about at social gatherings, but I’m secretly thrilled by this election cycle. I’m more interested in the outcome of this race than I ever have been in any other presidential election. As someone who has never voted for a Republican or a Democrat to be president, I finally have hope. Not that a third party candidate will be elected. Clinton will be elected, I understand that. But third party candidates are sure to garner a larger percentage of the vote in 2016 than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. (I’m 36)


This is great because the status quo of the Democrat/Republican two party system is being shaken up. I predict that this election cycle is the undoing of the Republican party. What a mess, am I right?

And I know there are plenty of grown, well-educated adults who are reacting with, “A vote for third…

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