Why I Reblog When I Comment

There was a time, actually it was in March of 2013 when I started this blog, that I would have killed for a reblog. I would browse the popular sites I found through google search and links, and I would gawk at their numbers, views, and the number of times people shared their posts. I would pay attention to the fact some bloggers responded to comments while others didn’t, and some bloggers posted at higher frequencies. From observing other people I formulated the type of blogger I wanted to be and that is how we all do it.

Today I have a small audience I have built over the past few years. In those years I was working a graveyard shift and could afford to pour countless hours into meeting as many bloggers as I could. That’s the difference for most people and the difference between my blog and others. I never went viral, my blog is not shared on some major news outlet and no one has helped me to grow my stats. In all reality the interaction you see here happens because I interact back and get out into the mix. I’m on other blogs reading, commenting, and sharing posts on.

I don’t press the like button much. I never have, but I really stopped pressing it this past year due to external galactic restrictions. I gained my small audience by following and visiting a ton of blogs. When I comment, even when my blog was fresh and new, I would normally share the post as a reblog as well because I honestly don’t comment unless I really like it. So why not share it. And sometimes, if I’m on a blog of a blogger I like, I’ll have to search through several posts before I find one I want to share. I do that extra work because that’s how you generate that type of relationship back.

Followers. We love this word and we hate this word. I have always been fond of saying I have “online connections” myself. I also have found people that have liked at least one thing I’ve written and that’s what it is all about. A post is a hard sale. You have to impress them without overly impressing and overwhelming them, to the right word count but not too much, and hoping to see their face again after you have watched their virtual behind leave your virtual world. That is blogging and I don’t have tips for what you blog. I change what I do here constantly and I write different things because it amuses me to kill letters. I don’t normally write on the hot topics and I love lists because lists are cool and if you disagree with that you are probably uncool.

My point is that true growth, growth that will grow with your blog comes from interaction. If you want tips on going viral ask Gary or Linda.

I know my website spits out a ton of email and I won’t apologize for that. I am here to grow and to grow a community around me. That’s blogging to me and that’s what I find to be the most fun. I want people to point in this direction, to my virtual blogosphere and say “that’s HarsH ReaLiTy over there. That’s where Jason writes.”

-Opinionated Man

Jason Chandler Cushman



63 thoughts on “Why I Reblog When I Comment

  1. I’m good with reblog, reposts etc and do it on my site. I also write original content, personal stuff to a point and love to talk about some of my dumb mistakes or hard work to make things better so others might learn from my experiences. I’ve also made lots of the dumb blogger mistakes you and others mention, but don’t care.


  2. “I love lists because lists are cool and if you disagree with that you are probably uncool.” HA. Comment nod because I actually did laugh out loud (yes, in my open desk work layout) on that simple turn of phrase. Solid.

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  3. Hi, Jason yet again a really deep post and people are right when they say you are good at it, you certainly are very good at blogging, maybe you should start teaching people who are not sure how to start a blog, I think you would be a great teacher and fun to work with. I didn’t use to re-blog as I don’t want people to think I wrote the post. I don’t want to take the shine of their halo. Once again Jason great post. Veronica@wRiteInK

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  4. I find your writing style to be refreshing, engaging, and unapologetic in a “I’m not trying to be charming–but, if that’s how it strikes you…” sort of way. Not aloof, mind you–just not schmoozy…thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  5. Makes sense. I never really thought of reblogging anything. I don’t know why. I remember back when you first began you didn’t even use your name. I’ve still managed to keep my last name pseudo, but my hubby is in the military, so I’ve clung to that.


  6. I’ve been trying to figure out what works, and bottom line, you like me or not. Sometimes I think my writing shines, but the numbers don’t jump. But I keep showing up, or maybe showing off.


    • I’ve been writing for almost 5 years now and my numbers don’t budge much either…unless, of course, I hit a subject that strikes ire in people. That’s not my intention but, it does bring out those who have something to say. I keep showing up too…mostly for my own sake though.


  7. On a number of occasions in our early days when you ramped up your numbers and I plodded along, you reblogged a couple of my posts, ones that were close to my heart and the increased numbers at the time meant the world to me. It wasn’t necessary, as we had an online connection already, but it was appreciated.

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  8. I’ve noticed that when you see a lot of “Likes” but no comments, it’s usually on a long article. I think people only start to read or don’t read at all. As for me, I only click “Like” if I read the entire thing. Don’t like clicking “Like”just to acknowledge I was there. Other times the writer pretty much said it all in their article.

    Keep up the great work, Jason. Whatever you’re doing, you’re obviously doing it well.

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  9. I’m kind of new here but what the heck is all this “Whack a Lawyer”, tin foil, and obvious sexual tension? I am shocked at the noticeable disregard for all that is this blogiverse. I’m shocked . . . that it’s taken so long for me to find this pool of “relationship goo.” The more I’m here the more I feel all warm and fuzzy. I blame you OM. Now . . . I’m going to slip out the door before I say something I might regret. I’m still waiting for those make-up tips . . oh crap, too late. I now have regrets. :o)

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  10. “Followers. We love this word and we hate this word. I have always been fond of saying I have β€œonline connections” myself.”

    I like ‘subscribers’. Followers sounds like they’re lapdogs or something. Such an annoying term. LOL

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  11. Thanks for the mention, and the opportunity promote my $69.95 package on tips and tricks to go viral. Since it’s Friday and I’m about to go on vacation I’m in giving mood. For a limited time all the loyal denizens of OP can get it for a one time $25.00 dollar donation to my “Whack a Lawyer” foundation. πŸ™‚

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  12. I don’t know anything about going viral – what the hell are you talking about?! Sometimes I wonder if you mention me just to see if I’m paying attention. Makes me wonder what I’ve missed, come to think of it… :/

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  13. I have come across some great posts with 50+ likes and not one comment, what is that about? I like to comment on things that strike my fancy but sometimes have the the thought that it may be a bother to some. I do it anyway, because screw it, I want to.
    Anywho, I’ve found some interesting bloggers through your sharing so, thanks!

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