Patriarchal Avengers Unite!

Hahahaha well done! I see where the smiles came from! 😂
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Godless Cranium

Just saw a post where someone said an Avengers movie poster was a sign of the patriarchy.

Here’s the heinous poster in question.


They had this to say about the above poster:

Well here we have the standard Avengers movie poster.  Everyone in their heroic pose, but something is a little different for Black Widow.  It seems, somehow (*gasp*) that some of her superpowers must come from displaying a well defined tuckus to the gaze of the viewer.

Is anyone else showing off their super-tuckus?  Evidently not.

God damn it! I knew it!

The patriarchy has moved in and while Black Widow is forced to show off her bottom, the rest are showing off their insanely muscular chests and abs. You’d never suspect that in a movie about literal superheroes.

However, a quick google search is all that is needed to show how disingenuous this argument is.


Oh god damn it, Hulk! You…

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