Korean Son


Would I wish upon a Korean son?

Only to have it turn and run.

Accepting the American moon.

The American me, a man too soon.

How I miss you in the night.

Your image fading from my sight.

The right to have a mother’s love.

I simply wasn’t good enough.




15 thoughts on “Korean Son

  1. You are loved, you are good enough, that, is what you need to believe, and, nobody can make you believe that, until you believe that, and we all deal with abandonment in our younger years in one form or another, the point is not letting that lost part of the past beat us…


  2. Why can you not accept you are not at fault ……… Your birth mother , well I cannot understand her. Your real Mum she loves you ! Your wife and children love you , we at wp love you ….please love yourself Jason!

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  3. I hold no judgments on your mother. She did what she did to survive apparently. And you have done exceedingly well, too, Jason, in spite of being adopted. You are one hell of a writer, blogger, and all-around great guy, just saying!

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