A Run in the Rain

I enjoyed that short story a lot! You captured the scene, gave great visuals, and left us wanting to know more about the characters. Seems like all the right goals to me. Well done.! -OM
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Creative Chaos Disorder

This is a flash fiction piece I wrote for a contest. The prompt was to use the words rain, mud, coffee pot, and puddles. The story had to be less than 1000 words and had to be complete and entered into the contest within 24 hours. That means no time for a rewrite. Here it is in all its glory. Let me know what you think.

rain-1   Chris ran along the wet path through the field. The steady, light rain created shallow puddles which he jumped as he ran. Every now and then a spot where the grass was worn away revealed slick patches of mud. He knew if he was going to get home to his coffee pot and that perfect first cup of coffee he had to avoid those patches. A twisted or broken ankle out here would ruin his day.

Everything was damp. The rain had…

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