My Reblog is in Your Spam!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading today. A lot of browsing and sharing what connects with me. My reblogs normally go to people’s spam folder because WordPress considers my site spam.

So if you notice an uptick in views or traffic… check your spam box. Maybe I reblogged you.

I try to share and spread the connections on this platform and always have. It is just what I do here. If the number of emails this site sends you is annoying… disable email from HarsH ReaLiTy or unsubscribe. This is how I blog.

I am blogging.

-Opinionated Man





23 thoughts on “My Reblog is in Your Spam!

  1. I’d like that problem! I think WP considers my humble little site spam too. Many of my comments lately are being spammed and I was told my blog was taken off the Reader because I wasn’t on WP anymore. Go figure! 😦


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