15 Strange Laws From All Over The World

Strange laws around the world! This was a fun list to read!
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It Starts With A Coffee

This world is a really strange place to live. A really wierd place. Here are 15 strange, crazy and bizarre laws that prove just that. 

1. It Is Illegal For A Female Divorcee Or Widow To Skydive On A Sunday Afternoon In Florida.

2. In Venice, It Is Illegal To Feed Pigeons.

3. In Egypt If You Use Binoculars Near An Airport You Are Running The Risk Of Getting Detained Or Arrested.Image result for 15 strange laws around the world

4. In Switzerland, It Is Illegal To Flush A Toilet After 10pm.

5. Its A Crime To Forget Your Wife’s Birthday In Samoa.

6. In Britain, It Is Illegal To Carry A Plank Along The Pavement.

7. In India, To Become A Motot Vehicle Inspector In Andhra Pradesh, You Need Good Teeth.

8. In Virginia, It Is Illegal For A Man To Kick A Woman Out Of Bed.

9. In Singapore, Chewing Gum Is Illegal.

10. In Denmark, It Is Actually Illegal To…

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