Things not to eat in bed

Because you might wake her up…

1 – Funyuns

2 – Cheetoes

3 – Ruffles

4 – Pringles

5 – Bugles

If you are wondering why most of these are chips… stop judging me.

6 – Baggette bread (who would have thought bread could be so loud!)

7 – Kimchi (I can’t be the only one that craves kimchi at midnight…)

8 – The left side of the Oreo

9 – Cotton Candy (Men… you really can’t say a valid explanation if a woman catches you in bed eating cotton candy. Just shrug your shoulders and tell her to get over it.)

10 – Beef Jerky (For some reason women get offended when they wake up to the smell of beef. Or bacon. Or bacon bits… it could just be me.)

11 – tortilla soup (who can eat that silently? I slurp.)

12 – Her leftovers (No one ever told women that as soon as a leftover container hits the fridge shelf it is fair game. Fair game!)

13 – Small, tiny corn (The kind you get from the salad bar. Don’t eat them like they are real corn.)

14 – Haggis (Actually just don’t eat haggis. That’s weird.)



34 thoughts on “Things not to eat in bed

  1. Oh thank God. Ice cream isn’t on the list. I promise I’ll bring an extra spoon just in case she wakes up. But if I decide to make a Philly steak and cheese, also not on the list, she’ll have to make her own. But I HATE that Kimchi and Cotton Candy made the list. I HATE that.

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