Satan’s Spittoon (And Other Things Rant-worthy)

Hahaha I loved this line, “There is a special place in Hell for cousins who hand you their squalling toddlers and run away, leaving you to wrestle a baby you haven’t seen since his intrauterine life.” 😂😂😂
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Calliope's Lyre

See, on your day off, you want to do the opposite of things. You want to do NOT things.


Things include parties. Parties are fun when they’re gatherings of like minded people, together for laughing and joking and sometimes, for showing off the new furniture- sometimes. Parties are not fun when you have to endure them for any reason. Which is why I  flopped down on the ground in front of my mom and threw a loud, wailing tantrum about how I don’t want to go to my stupid cousin’s stupid house and be nice to stupid people.


But, as expected, I wore stinking pretty clothes and went. At least there would be cake, I consoled myself.

There was no cake.

Five hours of talking about clothes, husbands, and the weather later, I have survived, and I am home.

There is a special place in Hell for cousins who hand…

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