The problem with Facebook

The problem with Facebook for me is that I can’t just scroll past shit. I’ll read the first line and the second, and I’ll say “well you can’t get away with that…”

I’ll then type a response. Now I guess I could leave an angry face πŸ‘Ώ instead of a five paragraph rant that includes an introduction and a lengthy conclusion. I could do that. But then I’d be doing that all day on Facebook and not on WordPress sharing my joy and love everyday with the wonderful people around the world. Some of you are wonderful. Gary… You’ll get there man. Keep trying.

I like Instagram because it is all photos and I can freely like photos unless it is a picture of a woman. I’m 35, married, with two kids so I generally steer away from “liking” photos of women online unless there is a big ass statue of Peyton Manning behind you. Then I can get away with it, but you better make sure that statue is large and centered because if I hear “who is she?” I have to be able to honestly say “oh, I didn’t even see her there below my hero…”

Which gets me back to another point about social media. I’m like a turtle in real life. I don’t hug strangers and I fist bump with latex gloves on. I don’t do private messaging. Please reference paragraph three for why. I also don’t meet people in real life and probably never will. People have germs and I spoke to a germ once. He was scary and he said the rest are just like him before stealing my eclipse and riding into the night. I know. Crazy.




48 thoughts on “The problem with Facebook

  1. I have MAD respect for you not liking girls’ pics or private messaging (this one esp). There really aren’t many of those guys out there and on behalf of your family, I thank you! I think it’s great. I appreciate the fact that we can interact and I don’t have to worry about getting some dreadful pic of your manbits in messenger! I woke up to that one morning! I couldn’t believe it and really just wanted to kick that guys ass.. but since I really had no idea who he was, I just responded very nastily and blocked the loser. It’s ridiculous the shit some people pull!


  2. Facebook started out as the Pepsi to MySpace’s Coke, but now it’s become this monstrously bloated thing in cyberspace. I used to post a lot, but nowadays i use it as a tool to show/share my artwork. Every so often I’ll drop a bit of info relating to some personal news, or posting articles/videos that are art related. Other than keeping in touch with some relatives and friends who live overseas, there’s not much else I do on FB. Sorry, not sorry Zuckerberg, -urg, -arg, whatever.

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  3. Too funny. I guess maybe the older you get the more you realize that some people are just bat shit crazy and not worth your time, breath and or comments, you sure can’t change stupid but you can laugh at it. Which in my profession (Psychotherapist/Author) laughing is great for your soul.

    As for the other, well, I’m married too and I figure ‘just because I’m on a diet–don’t mean I can’t look at the menu’ in other words, looking is one thing touching is another. My hubby looks all the friggen time and I’m okay with that because I do as well, probably more than him (I’ve always been a huge flirt). Nonetheless, if my hubby didn’t look I think I would question him and wonder why since that is a human response. Looking is okay, lusting is not.

    Love reading your posts, you inspire and trigger my thought process, thanks & have an awesome day!

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  4. I use Facebook to chat with my sister and brother, and to post updates for the parents of the kids we watch. Other than that, I don’t always even look at anything else unless I have 10 minutes to kill or something.

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  5. Encouraged to set up an account a long ago, helping a computer-bereft friend reconnect with an old girlfriend, if I get to FaceBook twice a month anymore it’s A LOT. My blog autoposts to FB, which is the main reason I haven’t already deleted my account.

    I’m not a fan of spending my life on social media in general, but FB might be the most dangerous to my productivity. If I’m going to hyperfocus on a screen, I much prefer reading the posts of the blogging community to getting sucked in to the inanity on FB. Plus, I hate the way their format has developed since I first signed on – very distracting – and then there are all those ads.

    I especially don’t want to get sucked into the maelstrom of candidate problems and merits “discussions” as the November polling date draws ever nearer. Regardless of who wins, it will probably go on for months!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  6. I was on Facebook way back, when it was first getting started. What a lot of fun it was! Then all my extended relatives and everyone I ever knew, even for five minutes, got on Facebook and friended me.

    I ended my Facebook account several years ago. I have only recently stopped breaking out in hives at the sight of the ubiquitous FB logo.

    Jason, I thought I was the only one who fist bumps with sterile gloves on! Germs!! OMG!! I wash and sterilize everything we buy before we use it. It doesn’t matter that it is “brand new from the factory.” If you have ever worked in a factory, you know how people cough, sneeze, and worse, all over everything. ShuDdeR…

    I never go anywhere without hand sanitizer, do you? 😷

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  7. I’m really trying not to click the “home” button until after the elections are over. Instead, I click on specific pages of my kids or people I know won’t stress me out. Except sometimes I take a peek and I’m usually sorry I did because it’s an hour later and I’m stressed. Gotta stop doin that.

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  8. Hahaha we do facebook and instagram,but I generally skim through the posts till something catches my eye then I’ll leave a comment,I do do messaging but its normally only with my closer friends and family,xx Rachel and Speedy

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  9. Ugh, I know what you mean. Facebook is just getting worse and worse because of all the crap people post nowadays. I just don’t look at other people’s posts anymore. The other day I read an article on Medium which stated that if you want to get something done, you have to be willing to get off Facebook and focus on learning and creating instead of being entertained and distracted. You’re doing right by not wasting your time on there!

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    • I met one of those kinds of turtles once, IB. My husband and I were heading out of town and there in the highway was a beautiful desert box turtle. He was heading right toward an oncoming truck.

      Now I am not willing to sacrifice my life for a turtle, regardless of how gorgeous he is. But the truck was still a long distance away, so I figured that I could move the turtle to a safer location, with no risk to my life and limbs.

      Hubby stopped the car, I got out, reached down for the turtle… and he began to SPRINT! Still heading straight toward the semi truck! I had no idea that a turtle could move that fast.

      Determined not to be outrun by a turtle, I ran after the little guy, forgetting all about the truck that was bearing down on us. I swooped him up just in time to save his shell from destruction… and mine.

      You know that saying about how no good deed goes unpunished? It’s true. The little dickens bit me. HARD. I had a blood blister on my finger for a week!

      But the worst was yet to come. As I carried him back to our car, the ingrate peed on me. Copiously. I can’t imagine where he was keeping all that liquid, he did not have that big of a shell.

      We drove with him, still peeing, to the edge of a large field, where I let him out. The last we saw of the teenage mutant ninja, he was galloping at warp speed toward Texas.

      Let Texas have him, I say!

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  10. I couldn’t agree more. As an example, in March of 2015 I noticed my message thingy had a number on it. I have private messaging turned off. When I opened the message it was from November of 2014. My cousin sent the message informing me my aunt from Kentucky had died. He included the funeral arrangements. I have since informed other family members who, evidently are much more plugged into family matters, to call me. Also, I normally do not comment on posts. I don’t do Instagram but I learned my lesson the hard way with pictures I took on the beach years ago. Always be able to answer the question, “Who is she?” “I thought I recognized her,” is not a suitable answer. Thanks for the morning entertainment.

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  11. I have a FB account not attached to WP that I check only once a week now. I seriously can’t stand all the crap people post now. It’s all unoriginal memes and political horridness. Best to avoid it, especially when it’s your relatives.

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