I’ll be good I promise!

The thing that sucks about timeout is that there is no one to talk to! I tried talking to Noah and Snowy, but Guinea pigs really don’t give a shit what you say. I’ve confirmed it. They only care about food and believe you me I tried some interesting topics to see if I could liven up the party. The party remained the same.

Counted the tiles on the ceiling too. I used to do that in church while pretending to look to God. I would count the tiles and then see if the same number added up if I multiplied by sides. You can’t just stare at the ceiling the whole service or people will either catch on to what you are doing or consider you touched. So I would bend my head in prayer and count the floor tiles as well, which is actually incredibly hard to do considering there are pews, people are standing and in the way, and I had to count from a stationary position. I’d guestamate, but because I’m Korean I was probably right.

So I was running out of things to do in timeout and didn’t want to take a nap. I had forgotten my flask and I couldn’t sneak down to get a beer because I was afraid my horror movie stairs would give me away by creaking out my approach. And that would have of course ruined the plan and my attempt to get a beer. Also, like prison, an attempt to escape can increase your time in timeout. I know. The system really gets you huh.

I’m a free man and breathing free air again. Feels good to use the restroom when I want to. I may even go get that beer now… right, it is 8:42 am. Timeout sucks.


31 thoughts on “I’ll be good I promise!

  1. why were you in time out? 🙂

    guinea pigs are like honey badgers in that they both don’t give a shit!

    counting tiles in church! brilliant! managing to give off the impression that you were anointed, while schlepping through sheer boredom. very clever! :o)))

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  2. If you didn’t like timeout perhaps old school corporeal punishment would work, you might get to your beer quicker. Guinea pigs sometimes listen if they are comfortable enough to become smug, but then they are, well smug.

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