Nombril de semaine…

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Hi there Lovelies, and welcome to another belly button day!!

Today being Thursday, writing this post feels a little like having my navel on one of my hips, but yesterday was super busy, and I thought I could take advantage of a quiet day off work, home alone to scroll around and give you my personal pick…

I recently read a post that mentionned how WordPress was in majority a women thing. To be honest, I hadn’t really noticed. It is true that most of the comments I get are from women, but I wasn’t paying attention to that fact… Going through the list of blogs I follow, it did appear that even if men are not rare,  they are a lot fewer than women… So I decided to make this week an all-men sharing post!

Get ready for testosteronefull, manly-man blogging!

Bitter Ben : You know Bitter Ben already…

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