Man Problems

To shave or not to shave?

This is a daily question for most men and a weekly one for Asian men. Unfortunately I do have to shave at least every couple days or I start to look like the Korean guy that took the boat to America instead of a plane. I think you have a checklist when deciding upon whether or not to shave.

1 – Am I going anywhere important today? Will I get fired if I don’t shave for work? In the military you wouldn’t get fired, but you’d definitely get in trouble without a waver. I like the civilian world where I can claim my facial hair is a religious thing.

2 – Am I growing a creeper mustache? If so cut that shit off. Creeper.

3 – Is my facial hair so bad it will warrant comments? I’ll consider this while showering and drag my lazy butt out just to shave so I can avoid unwanted conversation. The worst part is that it will be the same conversation someone had with me when they noticed my facial hair the first time and even similar to the discussion before that! No thanks… I’ll pass.

4 – Do I have enough shaving cream? You might be surprised how often you run out of shaving cream and end up with only half your face done. That is half a face of future pain if you continue down the path you have chosen and start rubbing skin raw! Don’t shave without shaving cream. It isn’t worth it.

5 – Do I give a fuck what people think about me today? This is actually the first thing that crosses my mind about all things.



Note: One day this Asian dude is going to get mad I keep using his photos…

34 thoughts on “Man Problems

  1. I finally figured it out! When I was young I was a Caucasian female but as I aged I became a young Korean male! That explains the strange hairs now growing on my upper lip and chin. Thank you!


  2. Being Italian, when I was younger, I could shave twice a day. Now that the beard hair is turning white, I can get away with every other day. The problem with getting older is the increased surface area of facial hair. Ears, eyebrows, and anywhere else you can think of are candidates for new growth.


  3. It’s funny because my dad only has to shave once a week also, he’s Australian but my grandfather is Chinese.
    Beards are great, id say who cares what people think, and if you need to shave, don’t be one of those moustache weirdos.

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  4. Well, you like it complicated, do you?
    I can think of two ways to make your life easier

    1) Grow a full beard and long hair, get some tattoos and be a proper metal head

    2) Do it right once and go for waxing instead of shaving. Believe me, saves you a lot of hassle for weeks

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  5. “This is a daily question for most men and a weekly one for Asian men.”

    Ha! I see what you did there.

    Also,you left out the part about living in a house full of women and wondering what the heck happened to your razor. See,the angst, misery, and woe of shaving can get even worse. 🙂

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  6. Being part Native American, I can go up to 2 weeks before I start feeling/looking rather scruffy. Part of it I suppose is due to the extreme light color of my beard, and the fact that most of my face NEVER needs shaving, only the upper lip, chin, and a couple stripes along the neck…
    … and I have found face soap to be a fine alternative to the mess of shaving cream. I have to wash my face anyway, so might as well shave at the same time — assuming I’m going to lift the razor at all…

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