Blogging Past the Doubt

We all experience doubt at some point while blogging. We wonder if what we are writing is good enough, worth reading, or will be read at all. We see all these other bloggers sharing posts and content that we sometimes consider is better than our own. It is at this point that we must make a decision. Do we stop blogging and hang up the towel or do we blog past the doubt.

I don’t believe you ever fully lose the doubt. Confidence is a funny characteristic that is much like an undependable friend. One minute it is there egging you on into getting into a bar fight and the next moment “confidence” is nowhere to be found and shows up the next morning wondering what happened to your face. That is how fast we can lose the confidence we once had.

Far too often I’ll read a post bemoaning someone’s lack of skill at something. The individual will go on to wonder whether or not it is even worth continuing to share their work. I find these posts disheartening and not just because of the disheartened tone. It is frustrating to me that people forget so easily the value of their own opinion and words. They allow the mainstream news to dominate our feeds, clickbait articles to take over our readers, and the sharing of personal opinion to die soundlessly. This is the true tragedy to me.

Blogging past the doubt is more than just the courage to share your opinion. Blogging past the doubt means that you understand how valuable the sharing of opinion truly is. You recognize that the true tragedy isn’t the quality of work we put out there. What is tragic is when we all go silent and refuse to share anything at all.

-Opinionated Man



29 thoughts on “Blogging Past the Doubt

  1. “It is frustrating to me that people forget so easily the value of their own opinion and words.”
    Yes!! If nothing else, be confident in who you are.. if you’re blogging true to yourself, then it can’t be wrong.. everyone has an opinion, mine is always right, for me… that doesn’t mean someone else’s differing opinion should be changed, if that’s truly how they believe. I can respect a different opinion, as long as the conviction is there, it doesn’t mean I’ll ever agree, but I can respect it on a personal level.

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  2. This is a great post. I can also relate. I appreciate your dedication to share your personal experiences & expertise. It can be VERY challenging at times when you’re not getting the engagement you’d prefer from visitors & followers. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  3. Even though I’ve only been blogging a month, I’ve asked myself if it is worth putting out posts that are not read or “liked” by as many people as I’d like. At the end of the day, I keep writing because I love it and because my husband and I will be able to look back on my blog one day and recall funny and moving moments from our first years of marriage. 🙂 By the way, thanks for the follow, Jason!

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  4. I totally agree, Jason. I have encountered several people who seemed discouraged and they were contemplating quitting and I have encouraged them not to stop because they do have so much to offer.
    They may not have the number of followers they may want but that takes time.

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  5. Ah, I can totally relate. But oh well, there will be crap that I’ll post now and then. I just have to do my best the next time. If I see someone writing a post much better than mine, I’ll aim to increase the quality of my posts as well.

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  6. I just ran into this while writing my novel this afternoon. I hesitated. Was it going in the right direction? Would it be good enough? Or would I have a MAJOR rewrite ahead of me? I sat down and wrote and I’m very excited again. Blogging has the same pitfalls. You have a ton of followers and I’ve been blogging for five years! It’s hard not to compare. So I go back to my Wild Ride and write another post. Writers write.

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  7. Blogging is a roller coaster. One post I write will have 15 or so likes and then the very next one will have none. I just take it that you can’t write something that everyone is going to like all the time.

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