Your Child’s Innate Wisdom!


Every parent wants unlimited potential when it comes to their child. Though we cannot thwart all of the negative influences that bombard their world of potential, we can dissuade harmful influences through example and sound parenting.

In a society of social ills and false information, it is important to guide your child’s attention to the truth. It is vital to furnish truths that are based on common sense and counter to the falsehoods spread by the bad intentions of special interests.

An example of this, is the buzz surrounding marijuana. If you watch TV and listen to the propaganda of “medical marijuana” you are likely to miss the fact that marijuana is a poison worth millions to its producers at the users expense. Marijuana is simply a toxin that induces certain reactions not only in the body but in the mind. It is fair to say; If God had wanted man “high” on THC he would have created a gland in the human body to produce it.

Not only is marijuana smoking silly it violates the innate common sense that all humans are born with. No human being could ever rightfully justify subjecting their bodies to lungs-full of hot acrid smoke under a health pretense. It is pure fiction. Medical marijuana is a well thought out smoke screen for legalization of a many faceted unhealthy drug worth billions.

“How the Snake Got Its Tail” is a simple fable for helping parents reinforce a child’s innate wisdom regarding the current societal enticements of marijuana. This book can help give your child the gift and ability for seeing through the clouds of marijuana smoke that has invaded their lives. In truth, if it stinks, it stinks even if a doctor smokes and promotes it.

Buy and read “How the Snake Got Its Tail”

Richard Rensberry, The Grumpy Poet


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