#SoCS – Awkward

Sharing Linda’s prompt and Vic’s honesty! A great combo! 🙂
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Just Plain Ol' Vic

Here is my post for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdayprompt.  This weeks prompt is brought to us by a guest blogger Joey of Joeyfully Stated and must contain the word ‘awkward’ somewhere in the post.

Challenge Accepted!



I find it awkward having to read so many political posts.  I tire of all the political ads on TV, long extended posts about why the other candidate is so unqualified and the extreme nature of how people feel.

I tend to not write about controversial topics due to a few reasons.

  1. I tire of people responding emotionally and not wanting to engage in a rational discussion.
  2. I have too much going on in my life to waste on dealing with online trolls that try to bait and verbally abuse you for simply having a difference of opinion.
  3. To be blunt – I personally disagree with much of what…

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