I get the struggle and our daily lives definitely suffocate our energy to express ourselves later! I hope you keep at the blog! -OM
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Nothing Was Said

It makes sense that after talking to eight year olds all day that I wouldn’t want to continue vocalizing, come end of day. But what is quite inexplicable is that I cannot find the words that have been squashed back for another time – the words whose time and place is not an elementary classroom or a staff meeting – the conversations that are about everything but education.

These people, it’s all they talk about even when they aren’t at work! I cannot do that. I cannot take this work home with me.

And yet I do not have the energy for the conversations I’d rather be having, the posts I’d rather be writing. This page has become a cemetery of bygone thoughts and aspirations, and I am not sure anything more will grow from here for the time being. 24 days is too long to go with nothing to…

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