Interesting! I didn’t know that is why peaches are called freestone! Learned something new and those look delicious!
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I got my last basket of peaches at a local orchard this week. They have picked all the fruit and placed them in cold storage to sell at local markets.

Once brought to room temperature, they were perfect.peaches

These are the yellow freestone variety, so named because the fruit separates easily from the center stone.

I have set about to preserving them, a simple process of freezing the peeled, sliced fruit in layers on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Placed in plastic bags, the frozen slices will last up to a year.

Growing up, I only knew of the cling peaches, in heavy syrup, that were sold in cans or preserved in a more complicated process at home.

I come from a family of freestones, we all separated easily and early. It was encouraged by our parents, for a variety of practical reasons, and even more emotional ones.

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