They see me go but they never see me come. I have been here all along. A shadow that mixes in with other shadows and therefore goes unnoticed. I am the line between the line. The line that isn’t needed. I move my letters around each day, a display for the passing blogger. Nothing to sell, I haven’t been baking. My photos fall to the floor. Only my letters seem to stick with an adhesive nature of my human nature against the wall of WordPress I see before me. The same wall all of you use as we post ourselves into the world.




16 thoughts on “Blogger

  1. Reblogged this on A Layering of Perception and commented:

    I am still intimidated by posting myself to the world. There is no fear of criticism; I take the truth and leave the what does not resonate. The fear is in potentially and unknowingly hurting someone I know. And in knowing whether to post or publish. That particular murk gets thicker by the day.

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